About Bayambang

According to oral tradition, “Bayambang” came from  Pangasinan word “balangbang” or “waist”. The story went that a Spaniard  was asking  a native what the name of the place was and, without fully comprehending what was asked of him, the  latter pointed out to his waist and  responded by saying   “balangbang”. Another story states that it came from the word “kulibangbang”, a plant that grew abundantly in the area during the pre-Spanish times. Still another account suggests that it could have come from the word “bayang-bayang” which refers to the scarecrows used in driving away birds that feasted on ripening palays.


“Malunguey or Balunguey”, the precursor of Bayambang , was a pre-Spanish settlement and was located west of present-day Bayambang. Spanish colonizers noted that the area was near the Agno River and its land was conducive to farming. In 1614, it became a visita of the vicariate of Binalatongan [now San Carlos City]. Five years later, it was accepted by the Provincial Chapter in 1619 as one of the vicariates of the Dominican Order under the patronage of Saint Vincent  Ferrer.

Through a Resolution, the Sangguniang Bayan of Bayambang  had recommended April 5, 1614 to the National Historical Commission of the Philippines (NHCP) as the Foundation Day of the town. The Office of the President through Proclamation No. 131 dated March 24, 2011  has officially declared such date as its Foundation Day. By April 5, 2014, Bayambang shall  celebrate its 400th year Foundation Anniversary.

Bayambang used to encompass the towns of  Alcala and  Santo Tomas, Pangasinan and those of Paniqui, Gerona and Camiling, Tarlac. However, at the close of the 19th century, the territorial boundaries of the municipality were greatly diminished when these towns were granted their respective statuses as municipalities.


The town became the 5th Capital of the short-lived Philippine Revolutionary Republic under Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo on November 12, 1899. It was also in Bautista,  then a barrio of Bayambang  where Jose Palma reportedly wrote the lyrics of the Philippine National Anthem.

Located at the central part of Southern Pangasinan along the banks of the Agno River, Bayambang is bounded on the North by the Municipality of Malasiqui, on the South by the Municipality of Camiling in the province of Tarlac, on the East by the Municipality of Bautista and on the West by the Municipality of Urbiztondo.

Municipality of Bayambang :  Facts and Figures

a. Geographical Location                       Philippines, Region 1, Province of Pangasinan, 3rd District

b. Global Coordinates                              15°48’38’’ North; 120°27’17”  East

c. Population                                               111,521  people as of 2010 per NSO Census

d. Population Growth Rate                       2.6%  (Year 2010)

e. Literacy Rate                                          92.50%

f. Religious Orientation                           85-88% Roman Catholics

g. Land Area                                                143.94km2 (55.58 sq mi) 16,800 hectares

h. Classification                                          1st Class Municipality

i. Main Products                                         Corn, Onion, Rice, Vegetable and Freshwater Fish

j. Average Monthly Crime Rate            5.38 (First  Quarter, 2012)

k. Crime Solution Eff. Rate                     100% (First Quarter, 2012)

l. Distance from Manila                           (Rizal Park, Luneta) 143 kms (88.8 miles)

m.Distance from Dagupan City             37.1 kms. (23 miles)

n. Transport Services (to Manila)         Five Star Bus, Fermina Trans,Dagupan Bus, Santrans

                                                                            and Solid North(24-hour basis)

o. Water Supply                                           Bayambang Water District (24 hours), reliable

p. Power Supply                                          Central Pangasinan Electric Cooperative, Inc.(CENPELCO), stable

q. Communication Services                     Digitel, PLDT, Smart, Globe, Sun Cellular

r. Educational Services:


         State University                                              1

         Private College                                               1


         National High Schools                                  7

         Laboratory High School                               1

         Private High School                                       1

         Sectarian High School                                  1

Elementary and Pre-elementary

         Central Public Elementary Schools          2

         Other Public Elementary Schools           47

         Laboratory Elementary School                  1

         Sectarian Elementary Schools                   2

         Private Elementary and

         Pre-elementary Schools                               6

Health services

         Government Hospital                                    1

         Government Rural Health Units                 2

         Private Hospital                                              1

         Private Clinics

         (maternity, medical & dental)                     15

s. Fire-Fighting Services                                        Bureau of Fire Protection—Bayambang Fire Station

                                                                                        Equipped with 2 Fire Trucks and corresponding firefighting gadgets)

 The town is now headed by Honorable Engr. Ricardo M. Camacho who has been elected as Municipal Mayor.

For comments or suggestions: please write or call:

Municipality of Bayambang Pangasinan, Philippines 2423

Office of the Mayor: (075)632-1107 / (075)632-1249